Welcome to Magic Man Amplification!


Magic Man Amplification was founded in 2008 by Jon Fluharty when he discovered a need for a tech that was able and capable of working on a tube type amplifiers in Athens, Ohio.

“I found myself looking to the bigger cities with bigger price tags for services needed. It was evident that a need for a tube amp tech was needed in this area. So thus the journey began. I joined up with the masters of United Lutherie in 2011 to learn the art of guitar repair. I can’t believe the amount of knowledge that is in this town and I am grateful to have it at hand, guitar repair has now become my second favorite job.”

My mission for the company is too keep an old tradition of tube powered amplifiers, and vintage instruments alive. These are becoming a lost art, being replaced by “newer” and “better” technology. I also strive to offer a honest and fair price and service, this also has become a lost art in it self. No hidden costs, no bench fees, just honest work at a reasonable cost.

  • Parts, service, modification, restoration, and custom built amplifiers.
  • Complete luthier services from setups to complete custom built guitars.

Jon at the bench...